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Zoom Online Evening Class Every Tuesday from September to May
You will learn different styles of meditation in a friendly informal group.
Every Tuesday 
7 p.m. ~ 8pm
Cost:  £6 per session by BACS or what you can afford
This will be an online group using Zoom video.
for the Zoom link and payment details.
Call 07811845862
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Silence and Stillness Meditation


Traditional Meditation to quieten the mind uses a number of different techniques, from following the breath to listening to the silence. In these classes we will practice different forms of Stillness meditation so you can find the ideal one for you.

Guided Journeys

There are many traditions of guided Journeying, and I draw most of my journeys from the Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal models. I also draw on other sources. In guided journeying I take you into a deeply relaxed state, from where you follow a journey I lead you on. Through this you can access areas of your unconscious and superconscious that are not normally in your awareness during normal waking consciousness.

The Chakras

The Chakras come from the Ayuvedic (Indian) model of energy and are considered to be the seven key energy centers of the body. Meditating to clear and balance the chakras helps to set up a deep harmony in your body and life

In these classes you will learn about:
Releasing Fear and allowing Love.
Deep Relaxation
Aids to sleep.
Balancing your Chakras.
Contacting inner silence.
Receiving wisdom and guidance from your Soul level.
Using guided journey meditations.
Focusing on physical sensation as a route to stillness.
Learning to communicate with your body via archetypal images.
This class is intended as an aid on the path of personal spiritual unfoldment, as well as personal healing.
The classes will be held weekly online on Zoom.
Email to join the class.

Richard Walters is a Certified leader of Psycho-expansion classes (guided meditations) and a Certified teacher of Zero Balancing (Balancing the energy of bone)


He has been teaching Meditation since 1994, and has been in full time practice in Acupuncture and Zero Balancing since 1990. He has been studying Identity Orientated Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) since 2015.


Since 1994 he has been Director of the Natural Health Practice, a multi-disciplinary practice in Exeter.


Richard is married with two children.


Inner Healing CD


A CD with five guided meditations to bring harmony and healing to you and your body


The Chakra healing meditations lead you through each chakra, bringing colour and attention to each energy centre. The longer version of this meditation brings attention to the emotional, mental and Spiritual states associated with each chakra.


The Inner Smile is a light hearted meditation brought to this country by the Taoist master Mantak Chia. It leads you through the body, bringing specific colours and a smile into each organ. By the end of the meditation your body will feel lighter, more relaxed and calm. Repeated regularly this meditation has helped many physical problems.


The Archetypes of the Organs, is a meditation that leads you to meet the representative of one of your organs. You can ask this archetype how you can help heal this part of your body, what it needs and why it is in trouble in the first place.


The Parallel Breath Meditation is designed to take you to a calm still place in a very short time. Breathing parallel lines up and down your body easily settles and quietens the mind.



Journeys to the Spirit CD


A CD with five journeys, designed give you access to guidance from deep within.


The Journeys to the Spirit meditations are a series of guided journeys helping you access inner wisdom and guidance. By dropping into a deep state of relaxation you will allow your conscious mind to take a back seat, and ideas and images will arise that give insight into your life situation and issues that bother you.


On the River Journey, you travel with a boatman down river and see where the journey takes you. The things you see and experiences you have in this dream like state will have a relevance to the questions you have in your life.


The Journey to the Castle of your Hearts Desire takes you on a journey past the gate keeper and into the castle, where ideas and images arise that help and sometimes surprise you.


We then journey to meet your Higher Self in a tranquil woodland. Here you can ask questions and receive insight on any issues that you choose.


In the Mountain Journey you travel into the rarefied air of the high mountains to meet a wise hermit and partake of their wisdom.


Finally in the Secret Garden, the wisdom of the Earth is embodied by the gardener, and in the peace and tranquillity of the garden you can ask your questions.


Meditation Classes


Meditation has been used for thousands of years in many traditions around the world. There are many different forms of meditation and I offer an introduction to a number of different traditions.

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