Zero Balancing Workshops

The next ZB 1 or ZB2 workshop runs from 
5th March - 8th March 2020
Holly Tree, Hunger Hill, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth EX10 0BZ
Accomodation available on site.
£420 including a Zero Balancing session and refreshments

Zero Balancing is taught over four workshops. ZB1, ZB2, Freely Moveable Joints and The Zero Balancing Masterclass. There is also a requirement for practical work and written work.


Zero Balancing (ZB) is a deeply relaxing form of bodywork that works with the energy of bone. Imagine a clothed massage that gets right to the roots of the problem, without being painful or invasive. We use held stretches and pressure to the bone at key areas of the body. The level of pressure is such that it feels good or “hurts good”.


Bone energy is concerned with who we are at our centre, whereas soft tissue energy is more about our emotional reactions and how we are in the everyday world.


ZB1 or ZB2 is designed to teach you the skills needed to give a full Zero Balancing session, ~ touching energy and structure simultaneously with attention. This workshop counts towards becoming a Certified Zero Balancing Practitioner. Once you have done the ZB1 workshop, we ask you to return to study ZB2. ZB1 and ZB2 students often study together in the same workshop, with the ZB2 students revisting the ZB1 material and learning new material.



In ZB1/ZB2 workshops you will have the opportunity;


◊ to feel skeletal energy in your own body.

◊ to receive five days of bodywork that can facilitate a sense of 

    being more truly yourself.

◊ for your deep self (the bone) to align more harmoniously with your personality (soft tissue).

◊ to feel the deeper experience of being embodied


You will ;

◊ learn to handle and balance skeletal energy.


◊ provide clients with the opportunity to release old trauma

   without the need for processing it.


◊ learn to work with structural complaints such as painful 

   backs and necks, emotional issues, and facilitate personal



◊ learn to maintain clear energetic boundaries between client      

   and practitioner.



◊ provide space and generate trust for the body to let go by



◊ balance the energetic and key weight bearing

   joints of the body.








“A good balance between theory and practical. I liked the way the learning built over the 5 days.”

“I loved the integrity and richness of the teaching. The balance of intense work with well spaced breaks in relaxing surroundings.”

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