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Zero Balancing

"My session was heavenly. I found myself in an almost meditative state and came off the couch feeling different – lighter, easier in my body and preternaturally calm in my mind. Best of all, as I walked away from Walters's house I suddenly realised something had changed. I was no longer limping, no longer in pain. My knee was just fine."

"Zero Balancing is the best-kept secret in bodywork therapy. It eases your mind as much as it relaxes your body, giving you a direct experience of balance and internal harmony. Zero Balancing makes it possible for you to become what you always knew you could be, if only you knew how."

Imagine a clothed massage that gets right to the roots of the problem, without being painful or invasive. Zero Balancing (ZB) can put you in contact with a deep sense of wellness.

I use held stretches and pressure to the bone at key areas of the body. The level of pressure is such that it feels good or "hurts good".
Your bones, or "bone energy" is concerned with who you are at your centre, the core of who you are - whereas soft tissues are more about your emotional reactions and how you are in the everyday world.
People come for Zero Balancing for a wide range of complaints, ranging from frozen shoulder, or neck pain, through to emotional trauma such as shock, bereavement, early child hood experiences and abuse. It also addresses core issues such as a lack of spark in life, or lack of direction. It is a great therapy for teenagers, as it is non invasive, fully clothed and helps them find their boundaries.
The link between the physical, the emotional and Spirit is always important. For example frozen shoulder is frequently linked to grief or shock, which can lock up the ribs of the upper body, thus restricting the movement of the shoulder girdle. Touching at bone level allows the opportunity to let go of old trauma without the necessity of going through the emotions that you may have already visited many times. Holding stillness at the bone level takes us out of the familiar energy of the emotions and down to the wellness of the authentic self, the peaceful, still place we aim for in meditation.
Richard Walters also teaches Zero Balancing training workshops for therapists.




Zero Balancing sessions last about 45 minutes, with the client lying on their back. The touch is gentle and yet gets deep to the bone, where old tensions can lie dormant.

Zero Balancing sessions cost £65.

Studying Zero Balancing


Learning to become a practitioner of Zero Balancing brings a deep understanding of the nature of touch, and the way that energy and structure are related in the body.




I work from three different clinics,
- Exeter, the Natural Health 

- Newton Poppleford, Hunger Hill.
- Lyme Regis, at the Lyme Practice,    the local medical

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